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    The success and longevity of our placements are something we can proudly say we are well known for. This matters no more so than when you are recruiting permanent staff to join your business. Recruiting at all levels, including senior leadership and executive, we offer not only the best service and experience but the best candidates the market has to offer.

    Success & Longevity

    Permanent recruitment can be challenging and time-consuming working with the wrong recruitment partner. However, using Henderson Brown saves valuable time and makes the process enjoyable. Our expert consultants are well trained and operate in a specific sector, a specific job-type, and a specific locality meaning you are dealing with a real specialist.

    As a business we spend plenty of time getting our process right, which is why our clients have partnered closely with us for years. Many of these businesses can attribute their growth and success to the employees that we helped them secure.

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    Our Process

    A thorough and detailed brief is taken. This part of the process is very important to us so we can really understand your culture, the role and the type of candidate that is going to succeed. We recommend this happens face to face.

    We will provide you with advice and guidance on the market, remuneration and talent pools. We will also provide direction on the process, setting deadlines to take the pressure off you and therefore leaving you with the confidence in our plans.

    Utilising various talent identification methods, drawing on years of industry experience and specialist networks, we find the best talent to meet your brief. Our reach is unrivalled and often unearths the best passive candidates, not the most obvious ones.

    Our team are highly trained in competency based interviewing meaning they challenge and probe leaving you safe in the knowledge that the candidates skillsets match the brief. Add in referencing, profiling and testing it gives a 360 degree view of the candidate. Again it’s important to mention, without question we interview our candidates face to face.

    When you receive your shortlist we assure you there will be no “mediocre” or “filler” candidates. The CVs will be targeted and not a long list, saving you valuable time knowing we have preselected and made the best recommendations. Don’t forget we interviewed them face to face so will be able to discuss the candidates with you in detail and at length.

    Each candidate is available, accurate, well-briefed & committed to your opportunity – it’s the perfect context for you to have a good interview. We take proper feedback throughout the process and keep all parties well informed. If you so wish, we will happily attend your interviews- it’s a cast-iron hallmark of quality.

    This is always the most delicate part of the process, which is why communication is key. All of our hard work and detailed briefings/interviewing at the beginning of the process help to make this stage run as smooth as possible. We manage expectations, negotiate effectively and achieve a positive outcome for all parties. We confirm all details no matter how small, giving everyone the confidence in each other’s commitments made.

    Unlike other recruiters we don’t see the offer as the end of our involvement in the process. We take detailed informal references, manage candidates through tough resignations and long notice periods. This continues throughout the onboarding phase, checking in regularly and communicating both ways. That’s why our success and retention rates are so high.

    During the onboarding phase we will meet with the hiring managers and key stakeholders to discuss and review the process. We constantly evaluate and improve our service and your input is essential to do that. Here we also feedback to you open and honestly helping you to improve the candidates experience of your business and enhance your reputation as an employer.

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