Wyma launches Bin and Bag Tipper

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Company claims unique design minimises machine loading and operational requirements

Post-harvest equipment manufacturer Wyma has unveiled its new Bin and Bag Tipper, designed to gently tip heavy loads of fresh produce into bags, bins or boxes.

This new addition to Wyma’s product range was originally designed for a large potato chip processor who wanted a versatile tipper that would minimise labour input and maximise safety.

“The ability to quickly change between bin and bag operations minimises machine loading and operational requirements,” the company said in a statement. “Another key feature contributing to its low operational requirement is the ability to secure the bags from the front, without having to reach out at the back of the bin tipper to place the retaining hooks on the back loops.”

The Bin and Bag Tipper also eliminates the need for additional tippers or in-feed points, which Wyma claims reduces overhead costs and the environmental footprint of any given packhouse.

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