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Henderson Brown are nationwide Horticulture Recruitment Specialists for both clients and candidates. Horticulture Jobs have been at the core business of HB since opening in 2009, and since then we have learnt the industry inside out. We always deliver dedicated and talented individuals. Always. Begin your next career through HB.

Horticulture Industry Vacancies in…

If you are looking for a new role in the Horticulture Industry we are specialists not only within the Industry but have specialist consultants for professions in Human Resources, Sales based roles, Marketing jobs, Quality Assurance and much more. A new career within the Horticulture market will not only be challenging but highly rewarding due to working in the FMCG market.

Marketing Jobs

Horticulture Marketing Jobs relies on you having a good understanding of marketing principles and the industry for success. Find out what roles we have today.

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Sales Jobs

Horticulture Sales Jobs are for individuals who are passionate about selling and goal driven. If you have a knowledge profession or the industry then see what current vacancies we have today.

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Production Jobs

Horticulture Production Jobs, otherwise known as operations are an integral part of the horticulture industry, as without these roles no product can get to market. Find out what vacancies we have.

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Engineering Jobs

Horticulture Engineering Jobs requires individuals with a broad range of skill sets and good knowledge of the profession. Engineering jobs can be challenging but very rewarding. Find Jobs.

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Quality Assurance Jobs

Horticulture Quality Assurance Jobs, otherwise known as technical quality, are highly demanded to ensure protocol, systems and standards are always met. Find out what current vacancies we have.

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Supply Chain

Horticulture Supply Chain Jobs require individuals who have attention to detail, good organisational skills. If you are experienced or possess skills in supply chain work then start your new career.

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Human Resources Jobs

Human resources Jobs in the Horticulture Industry is fast paced and evolving. With the industry set for growth, a role in HR is going to be exciting and provide great development. Find Jobs.

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Product Developemnt Jobs

Horticulture Product Development Jobs are the lifeblood of the FMCG market. Without NPD managers or teams, the markets ultimately have no products. Find your new career.

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Food Industry

The Food Industry has an array of roles from  Engineering Management to managing teams as the operations manager. With so many exciting roles we have a career for you. Discover Jobs.

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Fresh Produce

Fresh produce Jobs is an ever-growing sector and offers great potential in terms of career opportunities. From technologists to supply chain managers and category managers. Browse our vacancies.

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Horticulture Industry

Horticulture can be defined as the cultivation, processing and sale of fruits, nuts, veg, plants and flowers as well as many other industry-based services. Here at Henderson Brown we can see promising trends for the Horticulture Jobs Industry, and predict that over the next 10 years this will grow considerably.

According to the latest government statistics from the Department of Environment Food affairs the market has seen signs of growth among the UK Ornamentals market (flowers) growing by 4.7%. – which now means this industry is worth £1.4billion! This shows us that the market has promising signs of growth – making it a great time to expand the business and to recruit, or progress into the next venture in your career.

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Horticulture Careers

Since we opened our doors, Horticulture has been a key industry that we possess essential experience in recruiting for. Over the years, we have placed successful candidates and partnered with some of the industries most widely known clients such as MM Flowers, Flamingo Horticulture & Newey Roundstone Nurseries.

Typical roles that we recruit for the Horticulture operations can include Growers, Production ManagersTechnical Consultants, National Account Managers and much more. Additionally, as we work with large clients, these industries are continuously growing and evolving which means if you can’t find what you are looking for then get in touch with one of our horticulture recruitment specialists.

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