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Gloucester Services has opened a new southbound site, enabling commuters to get their meat while filling up their car.  

Located between junctions 12 and 11A of the M5, the new southbound services is run by the Westmorland Family, and has a farm shop that sells products from over 130 local suppliers (within 30 miles) and 70 regional suppliers (30-50 mile radius). There is also a traditional butcher’s counter, which only stocks meat from the county.

Sarah Dunning, CEO of the Westmorland Family, said: “Local food and local producers are at the heart of our offering, alongside quality local staff – it’s what makes our business special, it sets us apart.

“We pride ourselves on having an old-fashioned butcher’s, hanging the meat on the bone for up to three weeks and offering traditional cuts of meat – from sirloin on the bone and t-bone steaks, cut just as you like them, to seasonal specialities such as sweetbreads.”

Its northbound services has been open since May 2014, with more than 500,000 locally sourced meals and 33,000 Cinderhill sausage rolls sold in the past 12 months.

Dunning said the combination of a motorway services and locally-sourced food will help drive awareness of what the area has to offer. She said: “Bringing the concept of local food to the motorway is wonderfully democratic. Suppliers are given a shop window and accessible markets, motorists enjoy great local food, and we’re preserving regional foods and identity. It’s a game where everyone wins. Good-quality locally produced food shouldn’t be the sole preserve of high-end shops, it should be affordable and available to everyone. That’s why we serve it on the motorway.”

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