British butchers gear up for Tri-Nations Challenge

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The Great British Tri-Nations Butchers Challenge team are getting ready for this year’s contest. 

In preparation for the event, which takes place in New Zealand this September, the six-man team has been taking part in intense practice sessions at Leeds City College and at the Scottish Craft Butchers Awards in Perth, Scotland.

These practice sessions have focused on honing the team’s practical and innovative skills by utilizing an entire lamb and a half side of beef to create a range of products. At the actual event, the team will have to do this, but with a two-hour time limit and in front of a large audience.

David Lishman, Great Britain captain, said the team was keen to be at its best for the upcoming Challenge. “This year’s British team has massive enthusiasm and top-rate butchery skills. Our practice sessions have demonstrated just what a talented group we have, and boosted our confidence to push the Kiwis and Aussies hard for the title.

“Our focus so far has been on developing a theme and the various cuts to highlight exactly what we can do. With a side of beef, side of pork and a full lamb carcass, there is a considerable amount of meat to use and display. Small goods and sausage products are also an important element to the competition, enabling us to showcase the wealth of great expertise in the group.” 

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