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Our Sectors

We have a combination of experience of both running businesses as well as recruiting for businesses in the Food Manufacturing, Fresh Produce and Horticulture sectors

We know both the opportunities and challenges of the businesses within these sectors and with our wide network can help and assist both clients and candidates in filling or getting that next food or fresh produce job.

Because of this experience, we are able to really get to know your business and thoughts for the next move. We will challenge your thinking, and provide guidance to assist you in filling a vacancy or securing that next new role.

With Fresh Food we understand the short lead times your customers are demanding, the volatility of the weather and the difficulty of  keeping your raw materials and manpower at just the right levels to meet these demands. We understand the issues that are faced on a daily basis because we have been there, very recently!

With Horticulture we know about the seasons and the vagaries of supply and challenges in meeting peak period demand. We understand the difficulties of the ‘shoulders’ of the seasons and managing the transition of supply from one source to another. We have the experience of running out of product, chasing it around the globe in order to fulfill the very last box.

With General recruitment, we have experience of  ‘just in time’ manufacturing, of Six Sigma thinking and of CRM systems. We understand long leadtime or ‘pipeline’ manufacturing processes and the need for careful planning and execution.

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